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You can see when and how many times a recipient opens your emails. We track opens on all HTML emails by embedding a small pixel image in your message. When a contact opens your message and displays images, that pixel image is downloaded from our server and the email is recorded as open.

Many factors influence if and how images are downloaded by a recipient. This means that the opens tracking system is not always accurate. Please read below if you are encountering an issue with email tracking specifically for ActiveCampaign’s Chrome Extension.

Take Note

The tracking icon isn’t appearing in my email

Refresh Gmail in your web browser. Sometimes the tracking icon isn’t able to load fast enough. Refreshing the page should bring the icons back.

The tracking icons are only appearing in my sent folder

That’s expected! We don’t want to crowd your inbox, which is why this feature is limited to your sent folder.

A tracked email is showing an unusually high number of opens

This can happen for the following reasons:

  • A recipient forwarded your email to other recipients using the "Forward" feature in their email client. When those recipients open the email the tracking pixel is loaded. This counts as opens for the original recipient of the email
  • The email has bounced around different Google servers, which can cause additional read counts to occur
  • The recipient’s email was processed numerous times by a Google server, causing additional read counts

My tracked emails don't show that they were opened

This can happen for the following reasons:

  • The recipient of the tracked email formats their emails to plain text, so the tracking pixel will never trigger read counts
  • The recipient’s email client filters out all images from incoming emails, which removes the tracking pixel from the email message
  • The recipient’s email client doesn’t automatically download images. When this happens, we're not able to track opens because the tracking pixel image wasn't downloaded

If you continue to experience issues, or have any questions please contact our Customer Experience Team.

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