An overview of Task Outcomes

Enabling task outcomes lets you quickly complete tasks, while giving you the data and the insight to learn from each customer interaction. Quickly scan activity history and identify important activities without needing to scan through each note, and run reports to identify trends, wins, and opportunities for improvement.

This article provides an overview of the Task Outcomes feature.

What is a Task Outcome?

A Task Outcome is a list of possible results from an interaction with a prospect or a customer. Outcomes are used to quickly resolve tasks, and to identify what’s working and where there is opportunity for improvement in your engagement with your prospects or customers.

You can use Task Outcomes to select the outcome for a task. For example, you can set a task to call someone and the outcome is that they want to buy your product. Here's what this will look like:

How to set up and use Task Outcomes

Click each section below to learn specific process steps.

To enable Task Outcomes

Here are the steps to enable Task Outcomes in your ActiveCampaign account:

  1. Login to your ActiveCampaign account.
  2. Click on "Deals" >"Task Settings."
  3. Flip the toggle for Task Outcomes to the “On” setting.
To Create Task Outcomes

Here are the steps to create a Task Outcome:

  1. Click on "Deals" > "Task Settings."
  2. Click on "Manage Outcomes" in the Task Types header.
  3. Create an Outcome and assign a Label. This is what the team will see when they complete their tasks.
  4. Select the sentiment for the Task Outcome between Positive, Negative, and Neutral. This will display in reporting. The sentiment field will default to Neutral.

5. Click "Save."

Assign an Outcome to a Task Type

To assign an Outcome to a Task Type, choose an outcome from the dropdown below the task type. You can assign multiple Outcomes to a Task, but there is a cap to the amount of Outcomes you can assign.

Here are a few things to note about assigning an Outcome to a Task:

  • Each Task Type must have at least one Outcome
  • Each Task Type may not have more than 20 outcomes
  • Outcomes can be used across multiple Task Types. As an example, if you create a “Meeting Scheduled” Outcome, you could make it available for your Call Task Type and your Lunch Task Type
  • After Task Outcomes are added to Task Types, the page needs to be saved. This will actually enable task outcomes in the account.

In order to complete a task, an Outcome will be required. Requiring an Outcome allows you to learn what happens in each interaction with your prospects or customers. Identify what is working, and where there is opportunity for improvement.

Complete a Task

Here are the steps to complete a Task:

  1. Confirm that Task Outcomes are enabled in your Settings.
  2. Go to a Deal Record, find an existing task, or create a new task.
  3. Click the Checkmark to complete the task.
  4. Choose an Outcome for the Task.
  5. Add notes for reference (this is optional).
  6. Click on "Mark Complete" to complete the task.
Report on Task Outcomes

After you or your team have completed a few tasks with outcomes, check out the results! Reports using Task Outcomes can provide valuable customer insights.

Here's how to access reports on Task Outcomes:

  1. Click on "Reports" > "Deals" > "Task Overview."


  1. Click on "Deals" > "Task Overview."


  1. Choose the parameters for the report, like Date Range, Task Owner, and Deal Task.
  2. Scroll down to view task outcomes by user, sentiment, and other parameters.

Additional information about Task Outcomes

  • Tasks settings will live in the Settings section. It will no longer be accessible from the Deals page.
  • An admin can enable or disable Task Outcomes for their account.
    • When Task Outcomes are enabled we will: 
      • Show the outcome dropdown.
      • Require that at least one outcome is selected.
      • Show the Task Outcome dropdown on the task completion screen in Contacts and Deals.
    • When Task Outcomes are disabled we will:
      • Ask if this action was intended and notify the admin that they won’t be able to add Task Outcomes for any Task Types. 
      • If the admin agrees to the action, we will remove all Task Outcomes for Task Types as well as hide the manage task outcomes button/modal.
  • An admin can add Task Types and Task Outcomes (if Task Outcomes are enabled for their account)
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