Error: Deals CSV not importing. Error An unknown error occurred while importing this row. Please double check it before reimporting



CSV not importing Deals. Error "An unknown error occurred while importing this row. Please double-check it before reimporting."


  1. Go to Deals > Import/Export Status and click "Download" next to the error file to confirm this is the error.
  2. Review the CSV.
  3. Check that numbers are formatted correctly (no commas).
  4. Adjust number formatting and reimport.
  5. Check that the import was successful with no errors under Deals > Import/Export Status.


The CSV has odd number formatting in the custom fields, e.g. 100.000,00 when it should be 100000.00 (no commas). This causes the system to report back with Unknown Error.


If there are any specific errors with your import (not "An unknown error..."), we'll display the number of rows in your file that had an error so you can correct the error on your CSV. To help decode the the error you can refer to and learn more about Deal Import Error Messages.

Note that the following fields are mandatory for an import:

  • Pipeline
  • Stage
  • Deal title
  • Deal owner (email address or ActiveCampaign username)
  • Contact (email address or ActiveCampaign Contact ID) or Account (Name or ActiveCampaign Account ID)
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