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ActiveCampaign’s new and improved Email Designer (launched in 2022) makes it easier than ever to create branded, high-performing emails within the platform. With an emphasis on reliability and an easy-to-navigate UI, this email designer will give you the best possible experience to create optimal campaigns and engage your customers. 

In the new ActiveCampaign Email Designer, there is a hierarchy of elements that work together and within each other to build high-quality email campaigns. This article will review the top of that hierarchy – Sections.

What are Sections in the Email Designer?

Sections are the scaffolding that holds a campaign together. The Section builds the basic frame of a campaign. Within that frame, you can add structures to your campaign, which hold Containers. Containers are what you use to add multiple campaign functions to one content block, like images and text boxes.


For more information about Structures, Containers, and blocks please visit Email Designer overview and Email Designer Blocks Explained.

How to add Sections to a Campaign

Adding Sections to a campaign is easy! All you need to do is click on the green Plus (+) sign that appears in your campaign when you hover your mouse over other sections of the campaign. You can add Sections as needed to your campaign and categorize them into your preferred types of Sections. 

Once you have added Sections to your campaign, you can configure them with your personal settings, such as background color, font, header size, and more. 

Sections settings are available in two tabs: Global Settings and Content.

Why are Sections important to a campaign?

Sections in a campaign are a way to organize and categorize parts of your campaign so that it all fits together in a cohesive style. Depending on how you wish to style your campaign, you can designate certain Sections into headers, footers, content, and info area categories. 

To change what functions each of your Sections represent in your campaign, click on the dropdown menu next to “Message Area” under the Content tab and within Structures. You will see this come up when you click to grab a specific Section in your campaign.


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