Troubleshooting Outlook Add-in



There may be times when you experience unexpected behavior with the ActiveCampaign Outlook Add-in plugin.

This article contains commonly asked questions and different methods you can use to help you troubleshoot these issues when they arise.

Take Note

Outlook Add-in loading blank screen

If you're on a Windows machine and running the Outlook Add-in in the Outlook Desktop app, you might encounter a blank screen when trying to load the Add-in.

If this happens, here are some things you can check:

Internet Explorer 11

ActiveCampaign does not support Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft will no longer support this browser beginning in August, 2021. To fix this issue, you’ll need to install WebKit2 from Microsoft. This will update your runtime environment to use Edge instead of Internet Explorer 11.

Script is being blocked

The Outlook Add-in might be loading blank because of a script being blocked.

To resolve this, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Select the Windows button > search for “Tools” and select “Internet options.”
  2. Once the window opens, select the “Security” tab and then select “Internet.”
  3. On that page, select “Custom level” and scroll down to the “Scripting” section. Select “Enable” under “Active Scripting.”
  4. Click “Ok” to close that window.
  5. Click “Ok” to close the Internet Options window.
  6. Run the Add-in to test and see if the issue continues.

For more information on this issue, visit Understanding the Office Add-ins runtime. Please contact our  Customer Experience Team if you have any further questions.

Outlook Add-in Button Graying Out When Clicking between Different Inboxes

There can be a few causes for why the Outlook Add-in button is grayed out for an installed Add-in on a particular account.

Some common reasons for this are:

  • The admin user has enabled the ability to access the Microsoft Store and the ability to install Add-ins, but has not enabled the use of the optional connected experiences. This article explains how to Check Optional Connected Experiences Enabled.
  • The Outlook Add-in reading pane is disabled for that specific inbox. This article explains how to Enable the Reading Pane.
  • Emails for that account are encrypted for security. To confirm if your emails are encrypted, you will need to ask your IT team. If they are, we are not able to run the Add-in for encrypted messages. Read more about Encrypting Email Messages.

If none of the above resolves the issue, you will need to reach out to Microsoft for support with the Office365 configuration.

Taskpane Pinning Troubleshooting

Taskpane Pinning is only supported for Microsoft 365 subscribers using the following:

  • Outlook 2016 or later on Windows (build 7668.2000 or later for users in the Current or Office Insider Channels, build 7900.xxxx or later for users in Deferred channels)
  • Outlook 2016 or later on Mac (version 16.13.503 or later)
  • Modern Outlook on the web

In order to successfully use the Taskpane Pinning feature, you’ll need to initially select the pin icon in the header of our Outlook Add-in (as seen in the picture below) in each view you’ll be using it in (inbox folder, sent folder, drafts folder, etc.).


If you have issues pinning ActiveCampaign’s Outlook Add-in in your inbox and sent folders, ensure you are on a supported Outlook plan. If you are on a supported Outlook plan and still have issues, please contact us for further assistance.

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