How to use the "This deal's" condition in automations


You can specify a deal with the “This deal’s” conditions in an automation to ensure the correct deal is being updated. “This deal’s” conditions are very useful if Contacts have multiple or older deals. You can use this wherever a segment is available in an automation. For example, an If/Else action or a Goal.

Take Note

Multi-Contact triggers will enter all contacts that have a direct relationship with the triggering object into the automation by default. The following triggers support multi-contact entry:

  • Deal Field Changes
  • Account Field Changes (also available on Marketing Professional and Enterprise)
  • Enters a pipeline
  • Deal stage changes
  • Deal status changes
  • Deal value changes
  • Deal owner changes
  • Score changes (when using a Deal Score)
  • Date based (when using a Deal Field)
  • Task is completed

How it works

For any “This deal’s” condition to apply, the deal must trigger the automation by one of the following deal triggers:

  • Deal field changes (for Deal fields only)
  • Enters a pipeline
  • Deal stage changes
  • Deal status changes
  • Deal Value changes
  • Deal Owner changes
  • Score changes (when using a Deal score)
  • Date based (when using a Deal field)

If a contact enters an automation manually, (eg, add a contact to an automation from their profile page or the bulk editor), or with any other trigger, it will fail to meet "This deal's" conditions.

Note that you can use “This deal’s” conditions while segmenting a trigger as long as the contact is entering via one of the deal triggers listed above:

Deal trigger specific conditions example in segment.png

Once a deal trigger has been created, the following “This deal’s” conditions will appear in the segment builder under “Trigger Specific Conditions”:

  • This deal's stage
  • This deal's status
  • This deal's owner
  • This deal's value
  • This deal's title
  • This deal's Forecasted Close Date


If you were to remove any of the above mentioned triggers when using any of the “This deal’s” conditions there will not be a notice or error message to note that the “This deal’s” segments will not apply. You will need to update the segments manually.

Example of how it works

Let’s say you want to create an automation that sends an automated 1:1 email to contacts that have Deals with a value greater than $200, when the deal stage changes.

To do that, you would use the “Deal stage changes” start trigger and select the desired pipeline. Then you would use the If/Else action and set up the segment as “This deal’s value” “Greater than” and “200.”


If you were to use the “has deal with value” condition, the automation will search through all deals on the contact to see if any of their deals meet this condition.

From here, you can create the targeted 1:1 email down the “Yes” path. Here is an example of the automation steps above:

Example automation for this deal.png

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