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ActiveCampaign prioritizes the security of your account and the valuable data it contains. One way we do this is by adding a verification layer to your account login process. When we detect a new or unusual login attempt, we will send a verification code to your login email address or mobile phone number, which you can enter to log in to your account.

If you receive one of these notices and do not recognize the login attempt, we recommend you immediately reset your password and report this activity to our Customer Experience Team as soon as possible.

When will I encounter this verification?

  • This verification step will appear if:
    • Your account does not have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled
    • You are not logging in via single sign-on (SSO)
    • You did not check the “Remember me for 45 days” option. If you clicked the “Remember me” option before, we’ll remember the device for your convenience going forward
    • You have updated your browser or device configuration
  • You will encounter the email verification step when you sign up for a trial account

About the “Remember me for 45 days” option

Electing the “Remember me for 45 days” option lets you skip the login verification process for a 45-day period.

For your account security, avoid using this option when accessing your account from public, unprotected networks such as coffee shops, hotels, and airports.

SMS verification support

How do I use the SMS verification option?

Once you have completed a successful login email verification, we’ll present you with the option to use your phone for easier login. Enter or confirm your phone number in the field provided and click the “Send code” button.

You’ll then receive an SMS message with the verification code. Re-enter the code into the field provided, then click “Verify.” You can use your phone to log into your account from that point forward.

There are a few items to note when using this verification option:

  • The phone number must be able to receive text messages
  • The phone number entered will update the phone number on your user account. If you did not have a phone number on file, the phone number you entered will be saved and can be managed on the Settings > Account page

I got the SMS, but the verification code expired

Click the "Resend code" option on your account login page and we will resend the code to your phone number. 

I no longer have access to my phone to receive SMS

If you no longer have access to your phone to log in via SMS, click "Verify Another Way" to get a verification code sent via email instead. After you log in, you can update your phone number on the Settings > Account page to use it again at login. 

Email verification support

I cannot find the verification code in my email

We will send the email verification to your login email address with the subject line: "Your ActiveCampaign Verification Code" with a "From" email address of help@activecampaign.com. You should receive this email within a few moments of initiating the login process.

If you did not receive the verification code email, first ensure that your email address matches your login email address with ActiveCampaign, then check to see if there are typos in your email address. If you cannot access your login email, see the Customer Experience Help section below.

If the email address is correct, and you did not receive the email, your email provider might be filtering these notifications.

We recommend trying the following: 

  • Search your email inbox for help@activecampaign.com and mark the email address as a safe sender for future delivery
  • Check your spam or junk email folders
  • Check your inbox folders and tabs (for example, Promotions or Social)
  • Confirm with your email provider whether you have email protection services like Proofpoint or Barracuda. If yes, add help@activecampaign.com to its allowlist

If you still cannot find the email, see Customer Experience help.

I got the email, but the verification code expired

Click the “Resend code” option on your account login page.

I no longer have access to my email

If you lost access to your email but have set up the SMS option for login, click "Verify Another Way" to get a verification code via SMS instead.

If you no longer have access to your login email or the email address is no longer valid, and you have not set up an SMS option for login before, you need to work with any account user in our Admin group to update your login email address. If you are the only Admin on the account and no longer have access, see Customer Experience help.

Customer Experience help

If you continue to experience issues after following the troubleshooting steps above, please submit a ticket to our Customer Experience Team.

Security best practices

What if I receive a verification for a login that I did not attempt?

You should reset your password and report this activity to ActiveCampaign immediately.

What are other ways to help prevent unauthorized access to my ActiveCampaign account?

You can take other steps to keep your account safe and secure. We highly recommend setting up multi-factor authentication (MFA, available on all plans) or single sign-on (SSO, available on the Enterprise plan). Once you implement MFA or SSO, you will no longer be asked to verify your login attempt.

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