Email Designer: Text or link color is different in the inbox

  This article refers to the Email Designer launched 2022.

If your text or link color is a different color when it arrives to the inbox, you can check the code in the built in code editor to resolve the issue.

Before you start:

  • This is for advanced users only
  • The ActiveCampaign Support team is not able to help you implement or troubleshoot any code

How to fix the text or link color:

  1. From the Design tab of your campaign, click into the text box with the issue.
  2. Click the code editor icon on the top right.
  3. Look for the text or link with the issue in the code.
  4. If the text is wrapped with in a paragraph <p> tag, change the <p> into a <span> tag.

    For example:

    <pstyle="color: #ffffff">Foobar<p>

    Change to:

    <spanstyle="color: #ffffff">Foobar<span>
  5. Test your email to confirm the fix.

The reason this is happens is because email clients such as Gmail and Outlook can strip the style attributes in the paragraph tag when the email is rendered into the inbox. This may not happen every time as each email client has their own way of rendering emails. Changing the paragraph tag to a span tag fixes this issue.

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