How can I send a webhook in an automation?

Webhooks are a way for two applications to pass information in near real-time. It is a lightweight way for one application to notify another application of a change in data, or that new data is available. This could mean notifying a private application developed just for you, or more likely, it is a way to notify another 3rd party application that accepts POST requests.

To send a webhook from ActiveCampaign, the other application must have an API, or Application Programming Interface, that can listen for webhook notifications.

You may want to use an ActiveCampaign webhook to keep your data stored in an external application in sync with information in your ActiveCampaign account.

The type of contact information that is sent to your URL from a webhook automation action includes:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Custom fields
  • Tags
  • Organization
  • Phone number
  • ID
  • IP address

Sending a webhook in an automation

The “Webhook” action in an automation is located under “Conditions and Workflow.”

To add this action to your automation:

  1. Click on the node (+ symbol)
  2. Select “Conditions and Workflow”
  3. Select “Webhook”
  4. Enter the URL to post to
  5. Click “Save”

Then, once a contact has reached this step in your automation, the information listed above will be posted to the URL you specified.

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