What is the difference between "Runs once" vs "Runs multiple times"?

Automation triggers can be set to "Runs once" or "Runs multiple times." This setting is located in the trigger "Action Options" modal:


An automation trigger that is set to “Runs once” will only allow contacts to enter your automation if they meet the trigger conditions once. They will not be able to re-enter through that trigger. For example, if your automation has a trigger of “form is submitted” and is set to run once, contacts can only enter your automation through that trigger one time.

“Runs multiple times” will allow a contact to enter an automation through that specific trigger each time they fulfill the trigger conditions. For example, if your automation has a trigger of “Opens/Reads email” and is set to run multiple times, your contacts will enter the automation each time they open your email.

If you are using “Runs multiple times” with a “Subscribes to list” trigger, then contacts will only be re-added to your automation if they unsubscribe from your list and then re-subscribe to your list.

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