How do I see a contact in an automation?

Being able to view your contact's path in an automation will not only show you what steps they completed, but can also help you answer any questions or address any issues that arise with your automation.

Viewing their path will allow you to see:

  • How and when they entered your automation
  • When they reached a certain step in your automation
  • Which branch they followed in an “If/Else” statement
  • Why they were not sent an automation email

To view your contact’s path in your automation, follow these steps:

  1. Open the contact record by clicking it and click on the automation name from their contact profile page.


  2. A window will pop up and display the contact’s status as well as the completion rate and the date/time the contact last entered your automation. Click “View” to see the contact's path in your automation.


  3. On the next page, you can examine the contact's automation path. This will show you which steps were completed and how they entered your automation. If you see a grey “x” next to any of the steps, that means the contact skipped that step. To see why, hover your mouse over that symbol.

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