How do I see my recent imports?

The "Recent Imports" modal will list your most recent imports. You can click on each import link to view your import results. These results will show you how many rows were imported and how many failed. We will also list reasons why certain rows did not import.

To view your recent import reports:

  1. Go to the Contacts Overview page and click "Import."


  2. Click "View Recent Imports."

  3. In the Recent Imports modal, select an import to view by clicking it.


  4. The import results will then display and show you successful rows and failed rows. A failed row means that those rows did not import. This will also list the reasons why certain rows failed. You can read more about failed imports here.


In addition, you have the option to view the import report once your file finishes uploading. When your file completes the upload, you will see a screen that looks like this:


If you click on "View Report," a pop up window will appear where you can view your import results. 

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