How do I import a campaign/template from a sharing link?

You can import any template created within ActiveCampaign from other ActiveCampaign users. Please note that it is not possible to import templates created from other email marketing platforms unless they were created using your own html code. If you have created a campaign in another email platform but need assistance with recreating it in ActiveCampaign, you can take advantage of our free migration service.

Follow the steps below to import a template created within ActiveCampaign:

  1. Once a share link has been generated and shared with you, copy that share link. It will look something like this:
  2. Go to Campaigns and click “Manage Templates.”


  3. Click “New Template.”


  4. Click the “Or import a template” link in the “Add Template” modal.


  5. Enter the share link into the URL field and click “OK.”


After you click “OK” the template will open and you will be able to make modifications to it. Any modifications you make here will not affect the original template. Once you are done editing the template, click “Save and Exit.”

For information about how to share one of your templates with other ActiveCampaign users, click here

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