Should I delete my unsubscribed and bounced contacts?

We only count Active contacts toward your contact limit. If you have reached your account's contact limit, your first inclination may be to delete your contacts who have bounced or unsubscribed in the past but that won't reduce your Active contacts. However, deleting contacts is done at your own risk and they cannot be recovered. There are a few things to be concerned with when doing this:

  1. When you delete contacts, you are also deleting all past statistics associated with those contacts. All contact history (such as the links they've clicked, which campaigns they've received, any other actions they've taken, etc) will be deleted.
  2. When you view specific campaign reports, you can see lists of all contacts who opened the campaign, clicked links in the campaign, unsubscribed from the campaign, etc -- but any contacts you delete entirely from the system will no longer show up on those lists in previous campaign reports.
  3. Be sure you no longer need this data before deleting any contacts from your system.
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