How can I find contacts that were sent a campaign?

You can find contacts who were sent a campaign by conducting an advanced search that uses the “Has been sent” condition.

With this condition, you can search for who were sent a specific campaign, any campaign, or an automation email.

This search condition does not include personal emails sent from the Contacts overview page, the contact profile page, or deals.

For an in-depth review on this feature and how it can be used, check out this guide.

To learn how to search for contacts who were sent a campaign, follow these steps:

1. From the Contacts overview page, click the search field and click "Advanced Search."

2. The segment builder will appear. Click the conditions dropdown.

3. Click "Actions."

4. Click "Has been sent."

5. Next, click the value field to select a specific campaign to search for contacts who were sent that campaign. Or, you can choose "Any campaign" to look for all contacts who were sent any campaign.

6. Click the green "Search" button.

All contacts who were sent that campaign will load:

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