How can I find contacts that were sent a campaign?

The “Has been sent” segment condition allows you to locate and segment contacts based on whether they have been sent a specific campaign, email within an automation, or any campaign. This segment condition does not include personal emails sent from the Contacts overview page, the contact profile page, or deals.

For an in-depth review on this feature and how it can be used, check out this guide.

Create a search using the “Has been sent” segment condition

  1. Open the segment builder. In this example, we’ll access the segment builder by creating an advanced search from the Contacts Overview page. To get there, click “Contacts” from the top navigation menu. Click the search field then select “Advanced Search.”


  2. Click the drop-down in the condition field and select “Actions.”


  3. Select “Has been sent” to find contacts who have been sent an email.


  4. Select a specific campaign, automation email, or select “Any campaign” by clicking it. In this example, we will use “Any Campaign.”


  5. Click “Search” to locate contacts who have been sent any campaign.


It is important to note that while this feature is new, all emails sent in the past will appear under this condition.

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