How do I change my account name?

Account name change requests are processed by our Support Team. Account name change requests need to be submitted from the email address associated with the Primary Administrator.

To change your account name:

  1. Open a ticket or send an email to 
  2. Include your current account name. For example, “”
  3. Include your new account name. For example, ""

Once you submit your request, one of our Support agents will respond to you and ask you to acknowledge the following: 

  • Past campaigns will no longer track statistics
  • Images on templates, campaigns, and automation emails need to be re-uploaded. Images will not load on past campaigns
  • Tracked links in campaigns and automation emails in contacts' inboxes will no longer work
  • API information needs to be updated for any integrations you are using
  • Form code you have added to your site will need to be updated
  • If using Conversations, the name change will update within 1 business day
  • Existing landing page URLs will not update to reflect the new account URL

Account name change requests cannot be processed over live chat or phone.

Account name changes take 24-48 hours. Our Support Team will contact you once it is complete.

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