How do I save an automation email as a template?

All automation emails can be saved as templates for later use. This is helpful if you wish to use that automation email as a starting point for a new campaign or automation email.

To save an automation email as a template:

1. Click “Automations” to navigate to the Automations Overview screen.

2. Locate the automation that contains the email you wish to save as a template and click the “Edit” button.

3. Once your automation opens, click the “View Emails” button located on the top right of your screen.

4. A modal will open and will list all of the emails in your automation. To save one of the emails as a template, click the down caret next to that email's edit button and select “Save as Template.”

5. Your email will open as a template. Here you can make any modifications you like. When finished, click “Save & Exit.”

Your new template will be listed with all other templates on the Campaigns > Manage Templates page.

For a quick how-to on saving campaigns as templates, click here.

For in-depth information on templates, check out this Guide.

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