How do I save my spreadsheet as a CSV file?

In order to upload contacts into your account, we require that you first save your spreadsheet as a CSV (comma separated values) file. A CSV file stores tabular data in plain text and is saved with a .csv extension. While a CSV file may look similar to an Excel file or Google Sheet, CSVs cannot save styling, formulas, or multiple sheets.

How to save your spreadsheet as a CSV file
Note: The instructions below use Excel for Mac version 15.32, however most spreadsheet programs will follow a similar process.

  1. Open your spreadsheet and click “File” and then “Save As.”


  2. Select “CSV UTF-8” from the File Format dropdown then click "Save."


  3. Click “Save Active Sheet.”


For more information about saving your spreadsheet as a CSV file, see the help docs from Microsoft and Google. For troubleshooting failed imports, please see this help document.

You can also download a sample import CSV file here. 

Please note the following essential formatting in the sample file:

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