How do I insert the value of one custom field into another?

There are two different methods you can use to copy the value of one custom field into another:

Export/Import your list

This option requires you to export your contacts to a CSV file and re-import them, making sure to map the field in your file to a new field in your account.

In this example, we’re going to take the value of a date field, and move it over to a text input field. 

1. Go to the Contacts overview page and click “Export.”

2. The CSV file will begin ti download immediately. Open the file and remove all fields except for the email address field and the field you wish to copy into a new field:

3. From the Contacts overview page, click “Import.”

4. Click the "Import from file" button.

5. A file browser appear. Navigate to the file you wish to import and click it to select it.

6. Create a new field from the import page to map the column in your spreadsheet to. In this example, we're going to create a new field to store this information in right from the Import page. To do that, choose “Add New Field” from the Map into field dropdown. Then select the Field type from the modal pop up and click “Next.”

7. Give your new custom field a name and click “Save.”

8. Skip both the List Selection and Add Tags section on the Import page. Since you are only taking the value of one custom field and adding it to another, you do not need to select a list or add any tags at this time. In addition, if you select a list in this step, you risk giving any unsubscribed contacts an "Active" status for that list.

9. Click “Update Existing Contacts” and then click “Import Now.”

As you can see, the value of my Custom Date field “Webinar” has been pasted into a custom text input field called “Upcoming webinar”:


This option uses a webhook and an automation that will automatically update your field. This option requires that you have an ActiveCampaign account and a Zapier account.

In this example, we’re going to update the system phone field with the value of a custom phone field.

1. Go to the Automations Overview page and click “New Automation.”

2. Click "Start from Scratch" then click "Continue."

3. The Automation Trigger modal will open. Click "Field Changes" then click "Continue."

4. Select the custom phone field from the field dropdown. Next choose if you want this trigger to run if this field changes ever or to a specific value. In this example, we’re going to choose “ever.”

5. Next, you can choose how often this trigger will run.

In this example, we’re going to choose “the first time” the contact is “added or updated.”

6. Click "Add Start."

7. Open a new tab or windowin your browser andlog into your Zapier account.

8. Click “Make a Zap!”

9. Choose “Webhooks”for your Zap trigger:

10. Select “Catch Hook” and click “Continue.”

11. Zapier will generate a webhook URL for you. Click “Copy to clipboard.”

12. Go back to your ActiveCampaign automation and click the node (+). Then select Conditions and Workflow > Webhook.

13. Add your Webhook URL generated from Zapier into the URL bar and click Save.

14. Click "Active" on the top right of your screen to turn your automation on. (Zapier will need you to run a test contact through this automation.)

This is how the automation will look:

15. Add a test contact to your automation. To do so, select a contact with a phone number in the custom phone field from the Contacts Overview page. Then lick “Add” in the automations section of the contact’s profile page.

16. Go back to your Zapier account to setting up your Zap and click “Continue.”

17. On the next screen, click “Continue” again to proceed to the “Test this step” step

18. Click “OK, I did this” to run a test:

19. Click “Continue” on the next screen to proceed with setting up your action.

20. Select “ActiveCampaign” from the list of available apps.

21. Select “Create/Update Contact” and click “Continue.”

22. Connect your ActiveCampaign account to Zapier if it’s not yet connected:

23. On the next page, you will be required to select a List and map the email address field.

24. On that same page, locate the Phone Number field. This is the field that can be used with the SMS feature. Then map that to your custom phone field. Then click “Continue.”

25. On the next page, click “Create  Continue” to test your action:

26. Once the test is complete, click “Finish.”

27. Give your Zap a name and click the toggle to turn it on.

Your Zap is now set up. Now, the first time a contact is added/updated with a value for the custom phone field, they will be entered into your automation where they hit your webhook step. That webhook will send information to Zapier, and Zapier will update the system phone field with the value of your custom phone field. This will all be done automatically.

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