How do I insert the value of one contact field into another contact field?



To complete this task, we recommend exporting your contacts, updating your file with the new field value, then reimporting your contacts. When you import the file back into your account, make sure to map the field in your file to the new field in your ActiveCampaign account.

To copy the value of one contact field into another contact field, follow these steps:

In this example, we’re going to take the value of a date field, and move it over to a text input field.

  1. From the Contacts overview page, click the “Export” button at the top right.
  2. The "Export Options" modal will appear. You can type the name of the export into the field provided and click the fields you wish to include with the export. Clicking the "Other Fields" checkbox will either select or unselect all fields under it. When complete, click"Export."

    Export options click export.jpeg

      Do not use special characters (!, #, $, etc.) when naming your export. If you use special characters, the file will export as a text document and not a CSV.

  3. The CSV file will begin to download immediately. Open the file and remove all fields except for the email address field and the field you wish to copy into a new contact field.

    example CSV file with email and field only.png

  4. Next, click the “Import” button located on the Contacts Overview page.
  5. Click the "Import from file" button.
  6. A file browser will appear. Navigate to the file you wish to import and click it to select it.
  7. On the import page, click the "Map Into Field" dropdown for the field you wish to import then click "[Add New Field]."

    Map into new field dropdown add new field option.png

  8. A modal window will appear and you will be asked which type of field you'd like to create. Click the field type, then click "Next."

    Choose field type in modal.png
  9. Next, you'll need to give your field a name and provide answer options (if applicable).
  10. When finished, click "Save."
  11. Skip both the List Selection and Add Tags section on the Import page.

    Since you are only taking the value of one contact field and adding it to another contact field, you do not need to select a list or add any tags at this time. In addition, if you select a list in this step, you risk giving any unsubscribed contacts an "Active" status for that list.

  12. Click “Update Existing Contacts” and then click “Import Now.”

    Update Existing Contacts checkbox.png

    The value of your original contact field will be added to your other contact field.
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