[Video] How do I skip wait steps when testing an automation?



It’s easy to push through wait steps so that you can quickly test your automation before “going live.”

To learn how, follow the steps below:

  1. First, you'll need to add a test contact to your automation. To do so, go to the individual’s contact profile page and click the “Add” button.


  2. Check the box next to the automation you wish to test and click “OK.”


  3. Click on the automation name that you added your test contact to.


  4. An automation modal will pop up. Click “View.”


  5. Click “Skip this wait action.”


The contact will proceed to the next step in your automation.

In addition to skipping wait steps, you can also push your contact through any wait action they are paused at, including goals with wait conditions.

Example of a Goal action with a wait condition:


Skipping a Goal action with a wait condition: 


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