[Video] How do I send automation emails on weekdays only?


You can prevent automation emails from being sent on weekends and have them to go out on weekdays instead.

To get started, follow the steps below:

1. Click "Automations" from the left side navigation menu to navigate to the Automations overview page.

2. Click the “Edit” button for the automation you wish to modify.

3. Add a conditional wait step above your send email step. To do this, click the node (+) above the email you wish to send on weekdays only.

4. In the “Add new action” modal, click “Conditions and Workflow” then click “Wait.”

5. Click the radio button next to the “Until specific conditions are met” option.

6. The “Conditions Editor” modal will appear. Click the first dropdown and click “Date & Time.”

7. Select either “Current day of the week (Contact’s Timezone)” or “Current day of the week (YOUR TIMEZONE)” by clicking it.

8. In the third field, select “Weekday” for that value by clicking it.

9. Click the “Save” button:

Now any contact that encounters this conditional wait, will wait until it is the weekday before moving to your “Send email” step.

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