How do I see all contacts in an automation?

To view the contacts in an automation:

From the automation workflow builder

Click the “View contacts” button after you’ve opened any automation.

From automations reports

  1. Clicking on “Automation” in the sidebar of the Reports screen will bring up a list of your automations. You will see a column showing how many contacts have entered that automation.

  2. Clicking “Contacts” in the sidebar (under the “Automation” heading) will display the contacts that have entered the automation.

You are able to:

  • Filter the contacts by whether they have completed the automation or not
  • The tags they have
  • Export the list of contacts (by clicking “Export” at the top right of this screen)
  • Search for contacts using the input field with the magnifying glass icon
  • Sort them by when they entered the automation
  • Click on a contact to see details of where they are in the automation (by opening their contact record and then clicking on the name of the automation)
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