How do I import an automation?

If you have an automation sharing link, you can easily import that automation into your account.

Before you create or import an automation, you need to have at least one list in your account. Click here to learn how to create a list.

To learn how to import an automation, follow these steps: 

1. Click "Automations" on the left side navigation menu. You'll be redirected to the Automations overview page.

2. Click the "New Automation" button.

3. A "Create a New Automation" modal will open. Click the "Import Automation" button.

4. Paste the automation share link into the Automation URL field provided. You can use the keyboard shortcut Command + V (Mac) or Control + V (Windows) to paste your link.

5. Click the "Import" button.

The Automation Setup Wizard will appear. This wizard will walk you through you a series of questions to update the automation so that it references lists, segments, emails, tags, and events that apply to your account. The items selected in this step can be changed at any time. 

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