How do I see which automations a contact has been in?



A contact's profile page will list all automations they entered. In addition, you will have the option to view the contact's automation status, completion rate, date/time they completed the automation or date they last entered the automation, and a button you can click to view their path in the automation.

To see which automations a contact has been in, follow these steps:

  1. Click a contact's name from the Contacts Overview to open their profile.


  2. Then scroll down the profile page until you see the Automations section in the Info box.


    The Automations section will list all automations that the contact entered.

    If a contact entered an automation more than once, we'll show you how many times they entered it in parentheses.
  3. Click the hyperlinked automation name listed to see the following:
    • Contact's automation status (Active or Completed)
    • Completion rate
    • Date/time they completed the automation or the date they last entered the automation
    • Button to view the contact's path in the automation
    • Button to end the automation for the contact (if the contact's status is active)
    • Button to edit the automation

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