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How do I import my contacts from a .csv file?

You may have a .csv file of contact data you've exported from another provider. To bring those contacts into ActiveCampaign, click the “Contacts” tab in the top menu.

Click the “Import” button:

Click “Import from File:”

A file browser will appear. Navigate to the file name and then select it by clicking it. Click “Open.”

Your file will process and you'll be redirected to a screen where you can map columns of data to specific fields in ActiveCampaign.

On the left you'll see example data from the .csv file and on the right you'll see a dropdown menu to select the corresponding field. For each data value, select the field that matches. If there is data you do not want to import, select “Do not import this field” from the dropdown menu.

Note that you can map data to custom fields so if there isn't a default field for data you want to import, leave the import process and create custom fields to capture the data you want to import. For more information about creating and using custom fields, see the help doc on that topic.

After you've mapped the data in your .csv file to fields in your account, select the list(s) you want to add your contacts to, input any tags you want them to have, and make sure that “Import as Contact” is selected.

As a best practice, you may want to apply a tag that indicates the source of these contacts. That way you can easily find this group if you need to make any bulk edits to them later.

The “Update Existing Contacts” setting will look for a matching email address in your account and add any additional contact data to the contact record.

When you're done configuring settings, click “Import Now” to start the import process. The length of time it takes to import contacts will depend on the size of the .csv file. Most files will be imported in less than 10 minutes.

For guidance on saving your spreadsheet as a CSV file, please see this help document.


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