How do I merge lists?


With the Bulk Edit tool, you can take active contacts that appear on one list and add them to another list.

Things to note:

  • As a best practice, we recommend following the steps outlined below for contacts that have an “Active” status for their original list. An active status means that the contact wants to receive your emails, and they are not unsubscribed, unconfirmed, or bounced. If you add contacts with any other status to your destination list (the list you are adding contacts to), you risk receiving bounces and even spam complaints when sending them communications. Read more about contact statuses here.
  • This action alone will not remove contacts from their original list; you will need to use the “Remove from list” action in the Bulk Edit tool in order to give contacts an “Unsubscribed” status for their original list. This can be done at the same time you are adding contacts to a destination list using the Bulk Edit tool. It is not possible to disassociate a contact from a list.
  • This action will not duplicate contacts in a list. Contacts that appear in both lists will not be duplicated once the bulk edit is complete; contacts will only appear in a list one time.
  • Campaign statistics associated with the original list will not be added to or combined with the statistics associated with the list you are adding contacts to.
  • In addition, we don't usually recommend deleting the original list. This is because you will permanently lose all data associated with that list. This includes reports, campaigns, campaign statistics, settings (segments, fields, etc), and any contacts that you are not adding to the destination list. This action cannot be undone.

To get started, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Lists overview page.

2. Click the list that contains the contacts you wish to move to another list.

3. The status dropdown will show “Active” by default. Click the “Edit All” button.

4. The Bulk Edit tool will open. Click “Add to a list.”

5. Click the dropdown.

6. Click the list you wish to add contacts to. This list will be considered as the destination list.

7. Click the "Add to list" button.

We recommend applying a tag to these contacts in this same step. This will help you distinguish them from the rest of the contacts on your destination list. To add a tag to these contacts, click the"Add a tag" option in the bulk edit tool and type the tag name into the field provided. Then click "Add tag":

8. Click the "Apply Changes" button.

9. A confirmation modal will appear. Click "Apply changes to contacts."

10. A second confirmation modal will appear. Click "OK."

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