How do I organize the information in my account after a migration?



In this article, you’ll learn our top three recommendations for what to examine and update after completing a migration from another platform to ActiveCampaign.

  1. Combine lists
    If you are using multiple lists that uses similar content with messaging, we recommend combining those lists with the bulk edit tool (link to merge lists article). In addition, you can segment larger lists using tags and custom fields if the messaging is more targeted toward specific contacts in that list.
  2. Delete or combine duplicate tags
    You may have duplicate tags in your account or more than one tag that shares a similar meaning with another tag. You can delete and merge these tags within the Tag Manager.
  3. Update the naming convention for your automation emails
    Now that you’re in a new system and have recreated your automations, you may have different emails that use that same or similar internal names. We recommend updating your naming convention for all automation emails to reflect the automation name, then the name of the email, in order to stay organized and prevent confusion down the road. Learn how to update the name of an automation email.
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