How can I see when a tag was added to a contact?

You can use an automation with an “add note” action to track when tags are added to contacts.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Automations overview page.
  2. Click edit to open the automation containing the tag you wish to timestamp.
  3. Click the node directly underneath the “Add Tag” action or “Tag is added” trigger.


  4. A “Add new action” modal will appear. Click the “Contacts” option.


  5. Click the “Add note” option.


  6. Type the following into the note field: “X tag added” and replace “X” with your tag. For example, if I want to track when the tag “Interested” was added to a contact by my automation, I would type the following into the note field:“Interested tag added.”


  7. Click “Save.”


Now, any contact that encounters the “Add note” action in your automation will have a time stamped note added to their account stating when a tag was added.


You will need to perform the steps above for each tag you wish to track.

Note: Tags themselves are not timestamped and it is not possible to see when they are added. Only by using notes can you track when tags are added to contacts moving forward. In addition, it’s not possible to create advanced searches or segments using notes or when tags were added to contacts.

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