Manage contact details with the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension

This feature is available on all plans.

You can use the ActiveCampaign for Chrome extension to view and manage Contact record details right from your Gmail inbox. For example, you can update the Contact's name and phone number, add and remove tags, update custom field values, view the Contact's activity feed, and add someone to your Ignore list. In addition, you'll be able to view the Contact's list associations and any automations that they have entered. Any modifications made to a Contact's record using the Chrome extension will automatically sync to your ActiveCampaign account.

See the Getting Started with the ActiveCampaign for Chrome extension help article for additional resources.

How to open a Contact's record from Gmail

To open a Contact's record from your Gmail account, locate any email interaction with the Contact you’re looking for and open it.

The ActiveCampaign Chrome extension will load in the right side panel and display the Contact's record details.


View and update high-level Contact information

The top of the panel will list the Contact's name, account name (Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans), and phone number.

You can modify the information contained in these fields. To do so, click the field you wish to update then either type or select the new information.


View, add, and remove tags

The Tags section is located within the side panel. You can use this section to view, add, and remove tags from a contact.


You can search for and select an existing tag, or create a new tag.

To add an existing tag, start to type the tag name in the search bar and we will suggest tags you can use from your account. Click on the tag you want to add.

To create a new tag, type the tag name into the search bar and click the “Create” button.


To remove a tag, click the "X" next to the tag.


View and update custom fields

The Contact custom fields section is located under “Fields” within the side panel.


To update a custom field value, click the field and either type or select the field value. When finished, click outside of the field to save the updated field value. To display or hide empty field values, click the toggle button in the “Display Empty Fields” card.

If you don't know any custom field information now, that's ok. You can always add it later.


View Lists and Automations


You can view which lists the Contact is associated with as well as their status for that list. For example, we'll show if a contact has a Subscribed, Unsubscribed, Bounced, or Unconfirmed status for your email list(s).


Note that you can subscribe a Contact to a List they have not been associated with yet. It is not possible to unsubscribe contacts from lists within the Chrome Extension.


You can view all Automations that the Contact has entered. This will include automations that the Contact is currently in and has completed.


To add a Contact manually to an automation, type the name of the automation in the search bar and select the automation in the dropdown.

View the Contact's Activity Feed

The Contact's Activity Feed is the same feed that is displayed on the Contact's profile page in the web application of your ActiveCampaign account.

To view the Activity Feed from your Gmail account, click the "Activities" view.


Here you'll see the Contact's most recent activities or events that took place in your account. As you scroll in this feed, you’ll see more activities relating to your Contact. The events are listed in chronological order and will have a time stamp. They will include:

  • Lists that the contact subscribed to or unsubscribed from
  • Automations they entered
  • Automations they completed
  • Campaigns that were sent
  • Campaigns that they opened
  • Campaign link clicks
  • Site tracking data
  • Event tracking data
  • Emails sent and received
  • Notes created and updated
  • Tasks created and updated
  • Deals created and updated


Add the Contact to Your Ignore list

If you don’t want a specific Contact or email’s data syncing in ActiveCampaign, you can add them to your ignore list. This is not the same as adding a contact to your Exclusion List.

Once a Contact is in your ignore list, then:

  • Email tracking will no longer function for that Contact
  • Data will not be synced into ActiveCampaign for that Contact
  • The side panel will not load when you are in emails sent to that Contact

To add a Contact or email to your ignore list within Gmail:

1. Open your Gmail inbox.

2. Locate any email between you and the Contact you’d like to add and open it. The ActiveCampaign Chrome extension will load on the right side panel.

3. Click the overflow menu in the Contact Card.


4. Select “Add to ignore list”.

To remove them from your ignore list, click the “remove from ignore list” option in the same overflow menu.


To add a Contact or email to your ignore list in the browser bar:

1. Click the ActiveCampaign logo in your browser bar.


2. A modal window will open. Click on the settings gear icon in the header of this window.


3. Expand the “Ignored Contact Email Addresses” section in the settings page.


4. To add an email to your ignore list, type the email in the input field and click your Enter or Return key on your keyboard.


5. To remove an email from your ignore list, click the “x” button next to that email.


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