ActiveCampaign Salesforce Integration FAQs

The ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration provides a two-way sync between your ActiveCampaign account and your Salesforce account. 

Below are common questions about the ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration.

Does this integration work with Salesforce Classic?

No, this integration does not work with Salesforce Classic. You will need Salesforce Lightning to use this integration.

Is there a historical sync available for the ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration?

There currently is not a one-time historical sync available for this integration.

Learn how to sync existing contacts and leads from Salesforce into ActiveCampaign.

Can I send geo-location data to Salesforce from ActiveCampaign?

You can send geo-location data to Salesforce from ActiveCampaign if that data is stored in custom fields. For example, if you collected a lead or contacts address information in custom fields.

Geo-information gathered by ActiveCampaign from a contact or lead's IP address cannot be synced.  

What tags are created from the ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration?

The following tags are applied to contacts in ActiveCampaign when they are added to or from  Salesforce as a lead or contact:

  • added-to-salesforce-contact
    Any contact added to Salesforce as a contact from ActiveCampaign will receive this tag.
  • added-to-salesforce-lead
    Any contacts added to Salesforce as a lead from ActiveCampaign will receive this tag.
  • created-from-salesforce-contact
    Any contact added to ActiveCampaign from Salesforce via this integration will receive this tag.
  • created-from-salesforce-lead
    Any lead added to ActiveCampaign from Salesforce via this integration will receive this tag.
  • salesforce-lead-converted-to-contact
    Any previously synced lead who was converted to a contact in Salesforce.

What happens when I convert a lead into a contact in Salesforce?

Once a lead is converted to a contact in Salesforce, the ActiveCampaign ID and Marketing Activities will carry over to the contact record page in Salesforce.

Tags in ActiveCampaign will also update for the converted contact. This update happens when the sync updates the contact in ActiveCampaign from Salesforce. The "created-from-salesforce-contact" tag will replace the "created-from-salesforce-lead" tag and a new tag of "salesforce-lead-converted-to-contact" tag will be added.

What happens if I delete a contact or lead in Salesforce?

If a lead or contact is deleted in Salesforce, the integration will not delete the contact in ActiveCampaign.

If the contact or lead you deleted in Salesforce is updated/edited in ActiveCampaign, then a sync will be triggered and the contact or lead will be added back to your Saleforce account. To prevent this from happening, you will need to remove either of these tags from the  contact record in ActiveCampaign:

  • added-to-salesforce-contact
  • added-to-salesforce-lead

Once these tags are removed from the contact record in ActiveCampaign, the sync will not run.

What is the "Unauthorized Endpoint" error in Salesforce?

If you see the following error in Salesforce when setting up the integration:

"Unauthorized endpoint. You must create a domain by going to Setup > My Domain. This domain can take some time to register. However, you will receive an email from Salesforce once registration is complete."

Then this means that you have not yet set up a custom domain for Salesforce Lightning.

Learn how to set up your custom domain for Salesforce Lightning.

Does ActiveCampaign follow my Lead Assignment rules in Salesforce?

Yes. We will follow your Active Lead Assignment rules in Salesforce each time information is synced. 

How do I uninstall the ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration?

If you wish to uninstall the ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration, you will need to do so from your Salesforce account. Please see the "Uninstalling a Package" help article from Salesforce for more information.

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