How to import Accounts from a CSV file

Available on Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans. 

You can use the import tool to import accounts from a CSV file into your ActiveCampaign account. You may want to do this if you were using a different platform previously, and wish to use ActiveCampaign.

Take note

  • Account admins have access to this feature. All other user groups must have permission to use this feature
  • The import tool only works with CSV files
  • The import file size limit is 100mb
  • Account custom fields must be configured in ActiveCampaign before import

Account import CSV file requirements

  • Account name or ActiveCampaign Account ID must be included in your file
  • Date fields must follow this format: YYYY-MM-DD
  • Multiple values for a field must be separated by a comma(s): Option 1,Option 2
  • Remove line breaks. Including line breaks in field values can cause the import to fail

How to import accounts into ActiveCampaign

1. Click "Contacts" in the left menu.

2. Click "Accounts."

3. Click the down caret located next to the "Add an account" button. 

4. Click the "Import accounts" option.

IMPORT-TEST-2 Email Marketing

5. An "Import Accounts" modal will appear. Click the "Select File" button.

Banners and Alerts

6. Click the CSV file you wish to import. The file will upload to the importer.

If you wish to test this process before using your own Accounts, you can download this example import file to practice with. Click here to download.

7. Map columns from your file to fields in ActiveCampaign. Note that we'll attempt to automap fields based on the headers contained in your file. The Field values column on the right will show you a preview of field values.

To map fields, click each ActiveCampaign field name dropdown to map it to a column in your file. You can only map one column to one field.

8. Clicking the "Advanced Options" menu will let you:

  • Use default values for required fields left blank in your file
    If you do not provide a value for required fields in your file, or if you do not apply the default value option, the record will be skipped by the importer.
  • Overwrite existing data if columns in your CSV file are blank
    By default, this is turned "Off." This means that existing data will not be overwritten by blank values in your CSV file. If you wish to overwrite existing data with blank fields from your file, click the toggle to set it to the "On" position.

9. When finished, click the "Import" button.

The file will start to import into your ActiveCampaign account. You may close or navigate away from the page while the import runs.

View account import results

The Import Status page will list all account and deal imports you performed in your account. Note that you need permission to import Accounts or Deals to access this page.

Each account and deal import will contain the following information:

  • File name
  • Import date
  • Imported by (will list account username of individual who performed the import)
  • Status of import (Complete or Failed)
  • Type of import (Deal or Account)
  • Number of rows that had errors
  • Error file to download (available only if rows had errors)

To locate the Import Status page:

1. Click "Settings" in the left menu.

2. Click "Import Status."

View account import errors

If there were any errors with your import, we'll display the number or rows in your file that had an error. We'll also supply a CSV file containing errors that you can download. You can use this download to learn more about which rows did not import and why. This information is located on the Import Status page of your ActiveCampaign account.

Rows errored and errored file

Error message in the file can include:

  • Account id not found
    This error will appear if you mapped the Account ID and there wasn't an exact match in ActiveCampaign.
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