Why do we recommend putting JavaScript in the Landing Page Setting’s Custom Code Section?


The Landing Page Editor relies on JavaScript to provide a rich editor experience on the page. Sometimes third-party code can interfere or collide with the editor’s JavaScript and cause unexpected behavior. This behavior includes the inability to upload or insert images, unexpected layout issues, or other functionality appearing not to work.

To avoid this, we recommend placing HTML and CSS in the "Embed" block in the landing page editor. The JavaScript should be copied and pasted to the Custom Code box in the Page Settings tab. JavaScript code is anything contained in a set of script tags like this:

<script>/* JavaScript code goes here */</script>

Adding ActiveCampaign forms to an Embed block

There should be no known conflicts with adding your ActiveCampaign form's simple embed code to your landing page's Embed block. You should be able to add that javascript code to the embed block with no issues.

If you wish to add, or build, your ActiveCampaign form on your page, we recommend using the “Inline Form” block instead of the “Embed” block. For more information, visit Add an ActiveCampaign form to your landing page

To learn more about landing pages, visit Get Started with ActiveCampaign landing pages.


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