Troubleshooting the ActiveCampaign Chrome Extension



There may be times when you experience unexpected behavior with the ActiveCampaign Chrome Extension. This can include parts of the extension not loading in your email account or performing incorrectly. These issues are usually related to your web browser.

This article contains commonly asked questions and different methods you can use to help you troubleshoot these issues when they arise.

Take Note

What if my Chrome extension doesn’t load?

If your Chrome extension is not loading, please check the following (click to learn more):

Turn off browser extensions

Sometimes installed extensions can affect how the ActiveCampaign platform performs in your browser. Turning off extensions one at a time can help you pinpoint the extension that is interfering with your activity.

Learn how to turn off browser extensions in Google Chrome.

Remove then reinstall the Chrome extension

If the above steps don't alleviate the issues you're experiencing, try removing then reinstalling Chrome extension. Sometimes removing then reinstalling an extension can fix the issue.

Learn how to remove browser extensions from Google Chrome.

To learn how to reinstall the Chrome extension.

How to exclude Gmail addresses from syncing in the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension

The ActiveCampaign Chrome Extension automatically syncs with any Gmail address you are using. If you would like to exclude one or more specific Gmail addresses from being synced with your ActiveCampaign account and only see ActiveCampaign's Chrome Extension functionality, you need to enter those specific Gmail addresses manually.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ActiveCampaign Chrome Extension popover in your browser address bar
  2. Click on the Settings gear icon.
  3. Expand the Manage Emails section. There you’ll see an input field where you’ll need to enter the emails you do NOT want tracked in ActiveCampaign.

What if my data is not syncing across devices?

If the your data is not syncing across devices, check the following:

  • Are you logged into the same Chrome user on each device?
  • Do you have syncing turned on in your user settings within Chrome? Learn how to turn sync on and off in Chrome.

  It can take up to 30 minutes for your data to sync across devices.

Contact the ActiveCampaign Customer Experience Team

If these steps above do not help alleviate the issue you're experiencing, please contact our Customer Experience Team.

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