Filtered contact amounts are not matching the total contact number in the Contact overview page



Take Note

  • "Status" and "List" filters are available on Marketing Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise
  • "Tag" filter is available on all plans


When filtering contacts in the Contact overview page using the "Status" drop down and compare the individual filters to the total number of contacts in the account, the numbers are not matching up. 

For example, if you filter for "Active," "Unsubscribed," "Unconfirmed," and "Bounced" in the "Status" drop down then add the results of each filter together, the number is higher than the total contacts shown on the Contact overview page with no filters.

Note that this can happen with the "Tag" or "List" filters, "Status" is used for example purposes only.


Based on your desired search, there are a few options for best practices:

  1. If you are searching for Active contacts, filter by List > All and Status > Active
  2. If you are looking for how many contacts you have in your account, regardless of status, filter by Tag > All, List > All, and Status > Active.

In addition, you can do a quick test to determine if contacts are showing up twice here: 

  1. On the Contact overview page, filter by List > All and Status > Active.
  2. Bulk tag the filtered contacts with a unique tag.
  3. Run an advanced search for Tag > does not exist > 'name of your unique tag'
  4. Combine the total of this search with the total for the filtered active contacts (step 1). If the number matches the total number of contacts, it is because of overlap.


This happens when a contact has more than one status. For example, a contact can be in more than one list while being "Subscribed" to one and "Unsubscribed" to another. With this example, this contact will appear in both the "Subscribed" and "Unsubscribed" filter count. If you add the individual Status filter count together, that contact will appear twice and will not match your total contact count.

Note that this can also be seen in the "Tag" or "List" drop downs. If a contact has more than one tag or is in more than one list, they will appear for each filter.

If you need additional help with your search, please contact the ActiveCampaign Customer Experience Team for help. 

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