Contact not receiving emails but appears to be subscribed (Exclusion List)



Contact is not receiving emails but appears to be subscribed.


If a contact is not receiving emails and they appear to be subscribed, it could be that they are on an Exclusion list. There are two types of Exclusion lists - one that you can manage from your account and another that ActiveCampaign manages. 

To check and see if your contact is on an Exclusion list, we recommend checking the contact's record in your account:

  1. Click Contacts on the left menu. Then open the contact's record.
  2. Click the List within the contact record.
    • If the contact has a red error message across the top that says: "This contact is currently on your user-managed exclusion list. Click here to manage your exclusion list." - This means the contact is on your Exclusion List. You can click the "Click here" in the message or go to Contacts > Manage Exclusions to take them off manually
    • If you see the following message instead: "This contact is on the exclusion list because they marked your email as spam." - This means that the contact is on ActiveCampaign's internal Account Exclusion list. Please contact our Customer Experience Team to remove the contact from this list.

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