How to locate replies to your SMS messages

Short Message Service (SMS) is available on the following plans:

  • Plus
  • Professional 
  • Enterprise

When a contact replies to your SMS message, we'll capture that reply and display it for you to view in your account. These replies are not actionable and it is not possible to respond to an SMS message from your contact. 

In this article:

Viewing SMS replies on automation reports

The Automation Reports page will display all SMS reply activities from your contacts. To view the actual replies from your contacts:

  1. Click "Reports" in the left-side menu.
  2. Click "Automation Reports."
  3. Click the automation containing your SMS message.
  4. Click the SMS Message listed in the report.

The page will display all activities for that specific SMS message. To view replies from your contacts, click the blue "Replies" bar:

The page will then reload to display all replies from your contacts:

Viewing SMS replies by individual contacts

To view an SMS reply from an individual contact, go to that contact's profile page and view "Recent Activities."

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