Common Reseller Questions

Listed below are our frequently asked Reseller questions:

What does the Reseller Dashboard look like?

Below is an example of the ActiveCampaign Reseller Dashboard:

1 - Search for accounts 11 - Prepaid credit - purchase credit and apply to any resold account
2 - Filter by plan type (trial, monthly, yearly) 12 - SMS sending credit - purchase SMS sending credit and apply to any account on the Trial, Plus, Professional, or Enterprise plans
3 - Filter by account status (active, expired, both) 13 - Compatibility credits - Purchase credits and apply to accounts so they can see how their email designs look in different email clients
4 - Sort by account expiration date 14 - Default account settings - Customize the look and feel of your resold accounts. Will be applied to all resold accounts.
5 - Resold account information 15 - Common questions - Link to our Reseller FAQs
6 - Log into Resold account  16 - Reseller API - access our fully supported API so you can manage your hosted accounts from outside of our Reseller Dashboard
7 - Update plan information, add CNAME, Cancel account, Customize individual account 17 - Contact ActiveCampaign support via email or Live Chat
8 - Create new account from Reseller Dashboard 18 - My Account - View your username and update your password
9 - Billing Profile - Billing information 19 - Logout 
10 - Billing History - View all past invoices for Resold Accounts 20 - View Reseller discount information and how many paid accounts are on your Reseller Dashboard.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed monthly for each paid and disabled account. While you will have a single billing profile (credit card), each account will be billed on its own account renewal day each month. 

How do I view/edit my billing information?

From your Reseller Dashboard, click on “Billing profile” from the right side menu.

All of your client accounts on your overall reseller account will be billed to this single credit card. It is up to you to collect payment from your clients. 

How do I view past invoices for my resold accounts?

From your Reseller Dashboard, click on “Billing history” from the right-side menu.

Do you bill my clients?

You will be responsible for billing your resold accounts. One option for billing your clients is a WHMCS module created by a third party developer. You can find more information about that here. 

Do you provide support to my clients?

As a Reseller, you will be the first point of contact to provide support/assistance should one of your clients request it. However, if one of your clients reaches out to us for help, we will provide as much support as possible. If it is a billing-related issue, we will refer them back to you.

Note that resold accounts do not receive a dedicated account manager. 

Will my clients see expiration or billing notices?

No, only you will be notified.

Will you contact my clients?

No. When you create an account in your Reseller Dashboard, you are asked to specify an email address that we can send notifications to. If we have any questions regarding the account or if the account experiences and issues with bounces or abuse, etc., we would send an email to the email address you specify.

How do I add a new account to my Reseller Dashboard?

1. Log into your Reseller Dashboard and click the “Add New" button. 

2. Complete the fields located on the “Add New Account” page.

The Account field is the website address that your client will go to in order to log into their account. If you would like to use a custom domain, you can add that as well.

The client name and email address are required, however, we will never contact your clients directly.

The Notification email should be an email address that you check regularly. This email address will be used for us to contact you regarding any issues with this account, such as billing, campaign approvals, abuse reports, etc.

The Language dropdown will allow you to change the language for this account. For example, you can choose Chinese if you wanted this account to appear in Chinese.

The Time Zone dropdown will allow you to select the time zone for this client.

3. Under the Plan section, select a plan level, choose between monthly or yearly, and set a contact limit.

4. Click the "Add & Pay Now" button. Your credit card will be charged the amount shown at the bottom of the screen.

  • If you selected a monthly plan, you will pay that same amount once per month until you cancel.
  • If you selected a yearly plan, you will be charged that same amount once per year until you cancel.

Once you click "Add & Pay Now," the system will process the request and the account will be prepared. This can take a few moments. During this time, DO NOT close your browser, hit the browser's back button, or reload the page.

Once the account has been prepared, we'll provide you with the following information that you can share with your client:

  • Account login URL
  • Account Username
  • Account Password

Will will not send your client their account information.

How do my clients receive their login information?

Once you create a new account for your client from your Reseller Dashboard, we'll present you with the following information:

  • Account login URL
  • Account Username
  • Account Password

You can copy this information and share it with your client. Once the client logs into their account, they can change the password on the Account > Settings page.

We will not send your client their account information.

What happens if my client forgets their password or gets locked out of their account?

Forgot password

If your client forgets their password, they can click the "Forgot" password link provided on their account's login page. Once they type the email address associated with the account in the field provided, the system will send them an email with a link to reset their password.

The client may also reach out to you for assistance. If they do, you can do one of the following below to help them regain access to their account:

1. Send them a "Reset Password" email. This follows the same process that the client would follow on their own to reset their password. To send a password reset email, go to the login page for the client account. Then click the "Forgot" link on the login page. Type their email address into the field provided. They'll then receive an email with a link to reset their password.

2. Log into the client account and create a new password. You can log into a client account from your Reseller Dashboard by clicking the "Login" button.  

Once you're logged in, navigate to the Settings page and type a new password. Once you have saved the new password, you can share it with your client, along with "admin" as the username.

Locked out of account

Your client can attempt to log into their account with incorrect information five times. After the fifth login attempt, they will not be able to try again for five minutes. They can click the "Back" link located in the "Failed Attempt" message to go back to the Login page.

Once they're back on the login page, they can click "Forgot" to reset their password or they can reach out to you for assistance. You can either choose to send them a "Reset Password" email or log into their account from the Reseller Dashboard and create a new password for them, following the "Forgot Password" instructions above.

Note that if the client attempts to log in with their new password within those 5 minutes, they will receive the same "Failed attempts warning. They will need to wait those 5 minutes before trying to log into their account again.

How do I add an existing account to my Reseller Dashboard?

Our support team can assist with moving existing accounts into your Reseller Dashboard. In order for us to process that request, we will need the following:

  1. An email request sent to from you (the Reseller). Make sure to include the name of the account you wish to have moved to your Reseller Dashboard.
  2. An email request sent to from the email address associated with the admin on the account that is to be moved. They will need to include their account name as well as your email address in this request.

Once we receive that information, we'll take care of the rest and will follow up with you via email once the account has been moved.

Can I create trial accounts?

Yes, you can create any number of trial accounts by selecting “Non-recurring plans” from the plan dropdown located on the “Add New Account” page. Trial accounts have our standard trial limitations but can be branded/private labeled.

After a trial account expires, you can locate that account by filtering the resold accounts by "Expired Only" or "All Statuses."

From here, you can renew or upgrade the account by clicking the green "Renew" button that appears. You will then be redirected to a "Change Your Account" page where you can upgrade the account to a paid plan.

Trial accounts can only be extended one time. If you need to extend a trial, please reach out to our Support Team with this request

Can I resell yearly plans?

Yes. Just select “Yearly plans” from the 2nd plan dropdown field located on the “Add New Account” page.

How to filter accounts

The Reseller Dashboard will list all accounts with an "Active" status by default.

You can filter accounts by status (Expired, Active, and All) and plan level (Trials, Monthly, and Yearly) by using the two dropdowns located on the upper left side of your screen.

In addition, you can sort your resold accounts by account name, plan size, creation date, and expiration date.

Can I log into my clients' accounts?

Yes, from the Reseller Dashboard you can easily log into any of the accounts you manage. Just log into your Reseller Dashboard and click the “Login” button for any of the accounts listed.

How do I add campaign templates to my resold accounts?

If you've created custom campaign templates in your own ActiveCampaign account, you can automatically add them to each new client account you create from your Reseller Dashboard.

New client accounts

You can share any custom campaign templates you create with new client accounts right from the Reseller Dashboard. Once these templates are uploaded, each new resold account you create from your Dashboard will have these templates included.

To upload templates for future accounts, click "Default account settings" located on the right-hand side. The Default Account Settings page will load. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you see "New Default Accounts."

Click the "Add my templates" checkbox. Then click "Manage Templates."

Checking the "Update all existing hosted accounts" box on the Default Settings page will not add custom templates to current client accounts on your Reseller Dashboard. Only new client accounts you create will include your custom templates.

A new window will open where you can add your template. You'll see three different options:

New Designer Template

In most cases, you'll use this option to automatically import custom templates into each new resold account you create. The new designer template refers to any templates created in your account with our drag and drop email designer.

To use this option, you'll need to generate a share link of that template in order to add it to your client accounts as they're created. Then, paste the share link to the Template Link field. Then click "Save."

Basic Template

With this template type, you can paste your own HTML code that you created from another source.

Type the name of the template and tags (also called categories) into the fields provided. Then paste your code into the box and click "Save."

Old Designer Template

This option lets you bring in a copy a template that uses an older version of our campaign designer that you can then share with every new client account you create. To use this option, click the account dropdown to select the account you are pulling the template from. Then click the "Continue" button.

Current client accounts

If you would like to share campaign templates that you've created in your own ActiveCampaign account with client accounts that already exist in your Reseller Dashboard, you'll need to first generate a share link of those template(s).  Once you have the share link, you can log into each resold account from your Reseller Dashboard by clicking the "Login" button. Then, navigate to the Campaigns overview page, then click "Manage Templates." From here, click "Add Template" then click "Or import a template." Paste the share link into the field provided.

For more information on this process, click here.

How do I cancel a resold account?

From your Reseller Dashboard, click the dropdown button next to “Login” for the account you wish to cancel. Select “Change” then click “Cancel this account.”

How do I remove an account from my Reseller Dashboard?

If you are a reseller and wish to have an account removed from your Reseller Dashboard, just send our support team an email at and let us know which account you wish to have removed. It is not possible to delete a resold account.

How do I purchase credits for my resold accounts?

You can purchase prepaid credit, SMS sending credits, and compatibility credits from the right side menu of your Reseller Dashboard. Once you purchase credits, you can allocate those as needed to your resold accounts.

Prepaid credit will be used for any account that would normally charge your credit card. This includes recurring charges as well as additional purchases (SMS credits, compatibility credits, and ERJA data points). Once the prepaid credit has been depleted, we will charge your credit card as usual. For example, you can purchase prepaid credit for a specific account. Instead of charging your card a specific amount per month for that account, we would deplete the prepaid credit you purchased instead. Once that credit runs out, we would charge your credit card again.

It is important to note that every time prepaid credit is used, your credit card will be authorized (but NOT charged) for the amount of $1.

To purchase prepaid credit, click "Prepaid Credit" from the right side menu. Then select the amount of prepaid credit you would like to purchase by clicking the dropdown. Then click the "Purchase" button.

SMS Sending credits can be purchased for/allocated to any account that wishes to use the SMS feature. Please note that accounts on the Lite plan do not have this feature.

To purchase SMS sending credits, click "SMS Sending Credits" on the right side menu. Then click the Purchase SMS sending credits dropdown, and select the number of credits you would like to purchase. Then click the "Purchase" button.

Compatibility credits are for the compatibility preview tests. This allows your users to test their email designs to see how they look in Gmail, Outlook, iPhone/iPad, etc.

To purchase compatibility credits, click "Compatibility credits" on the right side of the screen. Then, click the dropdown and select the number of credits you would like to purchase. Then click the "Purchase" button.

What customization options are available with the Reseller Program?

With our Reseller program, you can re-brand and customize the look of your resold accounts. Click here for more information on re-branding your account.

You can also set up a custom domain for each account you manage. See this help document for more information about using a CNAME.

It’s important to note that while our software can be rebranded, there will be some technical items that people could find if they really dug into things. For example, the hosting & mail server IP addresses may trace back to ActiveCampaign. We also suggest thinking of yourself as offering a value-added service. Therefore even if you do not private label you can still resell our service (and even charge more) for providing value added services such as personalized support, email template assistance, and more.

Is there an API for Resellers?

Yes, we do offer a fully supported API that lets you manage your hosted accounts from outside of our Reseller Dashboard. To access the Reseller API, click on “Reseller API” from the right side menu.

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