How do I start an automation when a contact places an order? (Deep Data Integrations)

The “Makes a purchase” automation trigger adds contacts to your automation as soon as they place an order in your Ecommerce store. These orders can have any status and includes those that you have successfully received payment for, as well as orders that have a status of pending or failed. 

You may want to use this trigger to create a series of timed, follow-up emails based on a purchase or apply tags to your contacts.

Note: This trigger is made available after you set up a Deep Data integration. 

To add this trigger to your automation, follow the steps below:

  1. In your automation, click “Add New Start.”
  2. Select “Makes a purchase" then click "Continue."


  3. Choose your specific store from the “Integration” dropdown or select “Any integration.”


  4. Choose if this automation should run once or multiple times.


  5. Segment your contacts under advanced to specify which contacts from your store should be added to your automation (optional).


  6. Click "Add Start."


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