Connect contacts with accounts with a CSV import



In this article, you’ll learn how to connect contacts with accounts during a CSV import. 

Take note

  • If an account already exists in ActiveCampaign, use the same account name in your CSV file. If you don’t, a new account record will be created during the import process
  • If your file contains any new account names, new account records will be created in ActiveCampaign during the import process 
  • It is not possible to connect contacts with accounts during an account import. Instead, it must be done with a contact import. Learn how to prepare your CSV file for importing contacts
  • Your contact import file must contain an email address column

Connect contacts with an account  during a CSV import

To get started:

  1. Add an “Account” column to your CSV file. Ensure that any accounts in your file match existing accounts in ActiveCampaign. Learn how to prepare your CSV file for importing contacts.
  2. Next, follow the steps in the “Import contacts from a CSV file” article to import the contacts you want to connect to the account(s).
  3. On the field mapping step of the import process, map the account column in your file to “Account” on the import page. 
  4. In the “Import options” section of the contact import page, check the “Update existing contacts while importing” checkbox. You must check this box to ensure any existing contacts in your account will be updated with an account record. 
  5. Click the “Import Now” button

From here, you can manually add field values to any new account records created during the import process. 

If your import file contains several new accounts with multiple field values, we recommend importing your accounts first and then following the steps above to connect contacts with those accounts. 

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