Getting Started with SMS and ActiveCampaign

Available as an add-on for the following plans:

Marketing Plus, Professional and Enterprise

Sales Plus, Professional, and Enterprise

An SMS is a text-only message that is sent to a contact's mobile device. You can use ActiveCampaign to send SMS in addition to campaigns and automation emails to communicate with your contacts. 

This article aims to establish expectations around SMS in ActiveCampaign and which steps you need to take prior to sending SMS/text messages. 

Take Note

  • ActiveCampaign accounts purchased or upgraded on or after January 3, 2023 must purchase the SMS Add-on to use SMS
  • ActiveCampaign accounts purchased or upgraded before January 3, 2023:
    • Plus and Professional plans receive 25 free SMS credits per month
    • Enterprise plans receive 1,000 free SMS credits per month

Sending SMS/text messages for the first time with ActiveCampaign 

Please note that for customers who are sending an SMS for the first time within their account, the first few SMS messages created will undergo a manual review process by the ActiveCampaign Compliance team. 

This review by ActiveCampaign can take up to 2 business days (Monday-Friday). Once the messages are reviewed, your account will be cleared to begin sending SMS. If you attempt to send during this time, your messages will be paused until the internal review is complete.  Any paused messages will then be delivered on a delay.  

Setting up your SMS Sending Credits

Plus, Professional, and Enterprise accounts receive a set number of free SMS sending credits per month. If you’re the Primary Account Admin, you can purchase additional SMS sending credits for your account. To learn more about purchasing SMS credits, please visit Purchasing SMS credits.

View a list of countries we support sending SMS messages from, along with the number of credits used per message. 

Are your recipients located in the United States?

To use SMS in ActiveCampaign, you have to comply with specific regulations that have been imposed by mobile carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile. One such regulation is what is referred to as “Application-to-person 10-digit long codes,” or A2P 10DLC.

If you intend to send messages to recipients located in the United States, you are required to register for A2P 10DLC. Please note that the 10DLC registration process should take 2 business days to process & verify your registration information. 

To learn more about A2P 10DLC, please visit FAQs and Glossary for A2P 10DLC

Are your recipients located in the United Kingdom?

As part of new Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines implemented by UK carriers in 2024, businesses are required to register and verify their identity to enhance customer protection. Compliance with these guidelines not only ensures adherence to legal requirements but also improves efficiency, deliverability, and strengthens your sender reputation.

If you intend to send messages to recipients located in the United States, you are required to register your business. Please note that the registration process can take 3-10 business days to process and verify your registration information.

Additional resources about SMS sending requirements and best practices

To better ensure the deliverability of your SMS messages, you need to make sure you are complying with SMS sending requirements and best practices and ensuring that all of your contacts have agreed to receive SMS marketing messages from you. 

Opt-in is especially important to be clear on as there are consequences for sending SMS communications without explicit customer consent. Note that general consent to receive messages will not be considered a valid opt-in. Customers must take specific action to opt-in for SMS communications. 

Review the additional articles to understand topics such as required opt-in and opt-out considerations, how to properly identify your business to the recipient, as well as several additional tips to help improve your overall SMS deliverability.

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