How to create a list in ActiveCampaign


A list is a group of contacts who have opted in to receiving communications from you. Lists are also the primary way to broadly group contacts based on interest or message type (newsletter, announcements, alerts).

Campaigns can only be sent to contacts on a list, and you are required to have at least one list in your account before you create an automation.

Once you create a list in ActiveCampaign, you can start adding contacts to it. 

Check out this "Let's Learn! Lists" video for an overview of lists.  Note that this video features ActiveCampaign's previous navigation. We are working hard to update this. In the meantime, instructions are written out below and you can learn more about navigating your ActiveCampaign account.

Create a list

  1. Click "Contacts" on the left menu.
  2. Click "Lists" on the secondary menu. If this menu is collapsed, hover your mouse over the ActiveCampaign logo at the top left and click the arrows that appear to the right to expand. 
  3. Click "Add a list."
  4. A modal window will appear. Complete the following fields:
    • List name
      Make the list name short yet descriptive. Note that contacts will be able to see your list name. 
    • List URL
      Add your company's website to this field. This is required for compliance purposes. 
    • List description
      Use this to remind contacts why they are on your list and why you are emailing them. This is helpful because it's likely that your contacts subscribed to a lot of different newsletters, and may not remember signing up for yours. A gentle reminder can help increase engagement with your campaigns. These reminders are not automatically added to your campaigns. Click here to learn how to use a personalization tag to include this reminder.
  5. Click the "Add" button. 

  The Recent Contacts column will only display the contact’s initials. Images are not pulled in on the List Overview page.

Next steps

Now that you created a list, you can start adding contacts to it. This can be done through a CSV import, a manual add, subscription forms, and more.

Check out these resources to learn how to add contacts to a list.

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